CASPro® System

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CASPro® is a noninvasive blood pressure monitoring system which is designed to measure the
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Central Aortic Systolic Pressure (CASP) and additional arterial pulse waveform related indices based on arterial tonometry at the radial artery of the wrist. The system consists of four main elements:

TheCASPro® device provides patients and clinicians with a new level of usability, comfort and convenience. It is accurate, affordable and simple enough to be used in a home or clinic setting.


CASPro® Monitor


The CASPro® main device is an independent, stand-alone monitor with color LCD display. It is driven by a powerful MCU (microcontroller unit), which operates as the main core in the system and performs the following functions:

  • Process and calculate real-time capture signal from the wrist sensor module
  • Display BP related parameters such as SYS, DIA, MAP, CASP
  • Display radial arterial pulse waveforms in real-time and additional arterial pulse waveform related indices such as rAI, rAP, PRT
  • Interface with peripheral modules such as the integrated NIBP calibrator module

Wrist Sensor


The device is equipped with a wrist sensor module which is to be worn on the patient’s wrist for blood pressure measurement. The sensor module is designed based on

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the concept of the BPro® device which looks similar to a watch-like device and can be worn easily on the radial artery for measuring blood pressure non-invasively. The sensor’s position is maintained by applying a consistent tension (applanation) on the artery.