BPro® Radial Pulse Wave Acquisition Device

BPro® is a revolutionary device that provides the medical practitioners and researchers alike with unprecedented capabilities in acquiring highly reproducible & accurate real time arterial pulse wave data and 24-hr Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring [ABPM]. These breakthroughs are achieved both by innovative hardware design and software algorithm of patented EVBP® technology.

BPro® with its ease of use and integrated application software packages have the potential to make real time 24-hr ABPM and arterial pulse waves measurement the standard of medical care for the early health management of hypertension and

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related illnesses.

BPro® Device Capabilities with Integrated Application Software Package:

(I) A 24-hr macroscopic view of BP patterns, including blood pressure, heart rate, mean arterial pressure and pulse pressure.

BPro® is the first device in the world that uses applanation tonometry methodology to capture 24-hr blood pressure readings. It takes the blood pressure measurement even without the wearer knowing about it.

(II) Real time microscopic arterial pulse waveform analysis.

Using the BPro® and the pulse wave analysis application software, one is able to acquire real time arterial pulse wave data and translated this waveforms into clinically diagnostic related indices. Every clinician now has a very powerful tool for complete assessment of the status of the arterial tree of patients, including evidence-based approaches in the treatment and management of pulse wave related illnesses.

BPro® validated by AAMI and ESH

BPro® has been validated independently by the National Heart Centre of Singapore in compliance with the protocols set by the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI) and European

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Society of Hypertension (ESH).